Tri-City Chinese Opportunity Meeting in SBS Center


Former Newark Mayor David Smith was in attendance at the SBS, Inc. Headquarters for the Tri-City Chinese Opportunity Meeting. Additional attendees included representatives from Newark and Union City, Steve O'Neil, Tyden Group CEO and former head of Tyco Electronics China...

The Sweet and Sour Timeline: 160 Years of American Chinese Cuisine

Date:2017-09-27 to Host the Ninth Annual Awards on Saturday

To Honor Top100 Local Favorite Chinese Restaurants, Top 10 Chains & Celebrate "the Ninth Regional Cuisine of Chinese Food" in the U.S.

The 8th Annual Top 100 Chinese Restaurants Award


Signature Dishes from Winning Top 100 Chinese Restaurants
To Be Revealed on Monday, January 09, 2012

Master Chef of China’s State Banquet Entertains Bay Area Mayors by Painting Chinese Calligraphy with a bowl & Chopsticks